Can I pause AdBlock on my mobile device?

Unlike AdBlock on your desktop, AdBlock for mobile doesn't have a pause feature. If you're browsing a site on your mobile device and you don't want AdBlock to run temporarily, you'll need to turn off content blocking.

Are you looking for help with pausing AdBlock on your desktop computer?

Here's how to temporarily disable content blocking in AdBlock for mobile: 

Tap once on the AA on the URL/address bar and then select "Turn off Content Blockers".

Alternately, to disable content blockers manually, go Settings > Safari > Extensions and disable all AdBlock options.

If you don't see AdBlock options listed under Extensions, it probably means you don't have AdBlock installed. Here's how to install AdBlock and the Safari content blockers.

Samsung Internet
  1. Tap the browser menu (the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner).
  2. Select View without content blocker.

To turn content blocking back on, just tap the reload icon.

If you don't see the option View without content blocker, it probably means you don't have AdBlock installed, or if you do, that the content blocker isn't enabled. Here's how to install AdBlock and the content blocker.


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