Clickbait, pop-up ads, and other ads aren't blocked

More and more websites are exploiting known weaknesses in browsers to force clickbait ads, pop-ups, and other types of ads on their users. In fact, when websites detect an ad or pop-up blocker is being used, they often serve more (and worse!) ads to ad-blocking visitors. Newspapers are among the most aggressive of these websites, but other popular sites have started using the same tactics.

We're continuing to develop ways to block these ads. The challenge is that our tiny team of developers are outnumbered a gajillion to one, and every workaround we find is often discovered and worked around itself within days.

That said, we do have some suggestions:


Disable JavaScript

Disabling JavaScript blocks this kind of ad on any site. It also blocks some needed functionality. Sometimes, depending on the site, this is fine. Here's an article on how to disable JavaScript in major web browsers.


Look for custom filters

When disabling JavaScript makes a site unusable and you need an alternative, you can sometimes find custom filters that will block the ads. Look for the site name in the EasyList "unblocked ads" forum.

We don't maintain either the filter lists or any custom filters you may find. Keep in mind that custom filters can stop working at any time as sites find new ways around ad blockers. Please report problems with custom filters in a comment on the EasyList forum post where you found them. 

Note: Custom filters can break websites. Please read these important warnings before using them.


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