Images are blocked or a "Store" link is broken or you're getting a redirect error

Is this happening to you? You are visiting a website and 1) no images appear or 2) the "Store" link or other functionality is broken or 3) the site is telling you it's having trouble redirecting you and you should disable your ad blocker.

If so, your ad blocker is not to blame. There's a war going on, and users and ad blockers are caught in the middle. The history of this war is fascinating reading if you're interested in the gory details of online advertising. If you're not into bloody histories, here's a quick summary:

On one side are the folks who maintain EasyList. Their goal is to block ads for people who choose to use an ad blocker, preferably without breaking the websites. On the other side are websites using a particularly bad advertising network called Yavli. They are exploiting EasyList allowlists to circumvent ad blocking, by hosting Yavli ads locally rather than getting them from a third-party server. This makes the ads impossible to block without also blocking non-ad images on the sites. EasyList has been responding by removing the allowlist filters for their sites, blocking all images and breaking some site links. Basically, the website owners are deliberately breaking site functionality in the hope that visitors will blame their ad blockers and stop using them

There is a workaround, but neither we nor the EasyList authors recommend using it. If you really want the site to be fully functional, you can allowlist it using the custom filters below. You will also see ads, however. If you don't like it, see "What you can do to help" below.

How to allowlist these sites in AdBlock

Note: If you use Adblock Plus, paste the custom filters in the "Add your own filters" tab.

If you use uBlock Origin, there's a different workaround. Apply the yavli-defuser.js script as directed in this forum post.

  1. Click the AdBlock icon and select Options (gear icon), then click the Customize tab.
  2. Click Edit to open the custom filters box.
  3. Paste the filters below, replacing "DOMAIN" with the domain of the site you're visiting.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Reload the page you're trying to view.

If images aren't being shown

Copy this if the problem affects a single domain (website):


Copy this if multiple sites you regularly visit are affected:


If a store link doesn't work

Copy this to get store and other links working on every site reported to EasyList as of this writing:


What sites are affected?

As of this writing, this issue has been reported for the following domains:

What you can do to help

Email or tweet at the website owners and demand they stop using Yavli ads (or at least host them other than on their site). Refer them to this post on the EasyList forum. It probably won't help, but it might make you feel better.

For website owners and administrators

Please see this post in the EasyList blog.

Seeing "We are having trouble redirecting you, try disabling adblock" when you try to log in to

It's not clear yet (at least not to us) whether this issue is related to Yavli's war with EasyList. The symptom is similar, but the workaround provided above may or may not work. If you try it and it works, please let us know in the feedback for this article. Thanks! A little more information about the redirect error is provided in this Knowledge Base article.

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