AdBlock is continually being disabled in Microsoft Edge

The below article refers to AdBlock for the legacy Edge browser. For more information about the new and improved AdBlock for the new version of the Edge browser, please see this blog post. 

Microsoft has confirmed that a recurring bug, either in Microsoft Edge or in the Windows 10 Update process itself, can disable AdBlock and other extensions after a Windows update. It was thought to be fixed in the December 2016 Windows 10 update. We get reports that AdBlock is still being disabled every time Windows is updated. The bug is evidently still very much alive. It's possible this one may return periodically, kind of like cicadas.

If you find that AdBlock is disabled when you start Microsoft Edge, first turn it back on, then uninstall and reinstall AdBlock. Remember to copy any custom filters to a text file for safekeeping before you uninstall AdBlock. You'll need to add them again after AdBlock is installed.

Then, please report the problem to Microsoft to help with their ongoing investigation. Here's how:

  1. Click the Microsoft Edge More (...) menu and select Send feedback.
  2. Choose Microsoft Edge > Extensions as the category and subcategory.
  3. Be sure to include the phrase "AdBlock disabled" in your report.
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