User Guide: AdBlock for Safari Mac app

Our AdBlock for Safari Mac app now includes optional AdBlock VPN access, all in one convenient app. See below for a quick tour of the app.



The Home screen is where you can easily access the ad blocker or the VPN. Ad blocking happens automatically and for free. To adjust any settings for ad blocking, go to the Ad Blocking tab. Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.05.20_AM.pngTo ensure optimal Connection Health, be sure you are using both our ad blocker and our VPN. Learn more about using AdBlock VPN in the VPN section below.


Ad Blocking
On the Ad Blocking tab, you can see how many ads are blocked. You can also manage the sites where you want to see ads and whether or not you want to allow non-intrusive ads to appear. When you click "Pause Ad Blocking" it allows ads on every site you visit.  Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_12.18.21_PM.png


Allow ads on a site
When you visit a site that doesn't allow ad blockers or it's just a site you want to support by allowing ads, you can add it to your allow list. Allow listing tells AdBlock to allow the site's ads to appear every time you visit, while still blocking ads everywhere else.

Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_3.29.11_PM.pngYou can add a site by entering its URL. Likewise, you can remove a site from the list by simply clicking the trash symbol next to it. You can also add or remove sites using the Safari toolbar icon (see steps for this at the end of this article).


Change what AdBlock shows or hides
AdBlock participates in Acceptable Ads which allows ads that meet specified guidelines to display: About the Acceptable Ads program and "non-intrusive" ads. You can opt in or out of Acceptable Ads at any time by toggling the switch on this screen. To ensure the change takes effect, reload any open webpages.




If you're new to using a VPN, you may want to start by reading these articles:

To begin using AdBlock VPN, you'll need to have an account created through a purchase:

  • If you haven't yet made a purchase, you can do so via Apple by selecting one of the options on this screen or through our website here: Buy AdBlock VPN
  • If you've already purchased through Apple, select "I already have a VPN subscription" and then click on Restore Apple Purchase (signing in with your email will not work if you used Apple to pay).
  • If you used another method to pay, select "I already have a VPN subscription" and sign in using the email on your receipt.

If you are logging into AdBlock VPN for the first time, you'll need to allow AdBlock VPN to enable the system extension and add a VPN profile. Follow the onscreen prompts. If you encounter any problems, please see this article: About AdBlock VPN Permissions for Mac.


After logging in, select a server location and click Connect. Connecting to a location nearer to you typically results in a faster connection


Once connected, the menu will confirm a secure connection as shown in the examples below. At any time, you can change your server location by clicking on the location displayed.

To stop using the VPN, click on Disconnect. Just like when you connect or change locations, you will need to reload any webpages to ensure that the change is recognized.


Additional resources:

To enable Advanced UI options, like those shown in the screenshot below, go to the Settings tab.

On the Account tab, you can manage your AdBlock VPN subscription. We currently provide free access to our ad blocker so no payment is required. If you'd like to support us through a contribution, you can do so here: Love AdBlock? Contribute here! Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_12.24.18_PM.png

On the Settings tab, you can make changes on how the app appears and behaves.

Launch at Login - The AdBlock app will automatically open when you log in. The VPN will not automatically connect. Note: Only the VPN requires that the app is open to use it. Ad blocking will still work regardless if the app is open or not.

Show Advanced UI - When you enable the Advanced UI for the VPN, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as the connection time, will display on the VPN tab.



Using the menu bar icon

The menu bar icon appears on the top menu bar when the AdBlock for Safari app is open. If you are using the app only for ad blocking, the app can remain closed and will still continue to block ads. The app must be open when using the VPN.

Ad Blocking VPN

Click on the red pause button to pause ad blocking on all sites. Click on the blue play button to resume ad blocking on all sites.

Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_3.46.27_PM.png Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_3.44.26_PM.png


Using the AdBlock menu on the Safari toolbar

Click on the AdBlock icon on the toolbar to quickly access ad blocking options. If you'd prefer not to see the icon and use the app instead, you can remove the icon from the toolbar by going to Safari > Settings > Extensions and deselecting the AdBlock Icon option. Note: If you're using Private Browsing, the AdBlock icon will not appear in the Safari toolbar even if you've selected the option "Allow AdBlock in Private Browsing" on the Extensions tab in Safari's Settings.

Pause or Play button Allow Ads on this...

Click on the pause button to stop AdBlock from blocking ads on all sites. When AdBlock is paused you will see a play button. Click on the play button to resume ad blocking again.

Don't forget to refresh the page after pausing or unpausing!



Something not working right? 

Check out our troubleshooting tips to find solutions to the most common issues we receive: Troubleshooting the AdBlock for Safari Mac app.



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