Should I use AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, or AdBlock VPN?

Adblock Inc. is composed of three separate products: Adblock Plus, AdBlock, and AdBlock VPN. We sometimes receive questions from folks that are unclear about which product they need to use. This article is meant to clear up any confusion and help you understand their differences.

Two of our products, AdBlock and Adblock Plus, provide ad blocking. Use the information below to help decide which is right for you:

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Free ad blocking
Desktop extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge 
Mac app for Safari (+ optional VPN)
Mobile apps for Safari and Samsung Internet

Free features (desktop extensions only)
AdBlock Premium (desktop extensions only)
Price: Buy Premium

Install AdBlock

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VPNlogoSquare.pngAdBlock VPN

Our third product, despite its name, does not provide ad blocking. When we decided to offer a VPN it made sense to use AdBlock, a name known and trusted by people all over the world to block ads.

AdBlock VPN is simply another tool that can be used to improve your security and privacy online. When you access the internet you send information between your computer and the computers being used to run whatever website you visit. That information—what websites you're trying to visit, where you're located, and more—can be intercepted by your internet service provider (ISP) to build a profile of your online activity. VPNs can also make it harder for third party service providers to know your location or IP address information. The result of using a VPN is an additional layer of security and anonymity as you surf the web.

App available on: Mac, Windows, Android (including Chromebooks), and iPhone/iPad
Price: Buy AdBlock VPN

Want to learn more? Check out this article: How to Use AdBlock VPN.

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