Why am I being charged by Paddle? Why is my contribution taxed?

Why do I see Paddle.com on my billing statement? 

In early 2023, we started using a new payment processor, Paddle, which now acts as our Merchant of Record. This was a large undertaking but it has already streamlined our efforts managing payments from around the world. It also ensures our engineers can spend more time improving our products rather than handling issues with multiple payment processors.


Why is my contribution taxed?

Having Paddle as our Merchant of Record, also means that we abide by Paddle's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Paddle requires a tax on goods and services depending on your local tax laws: Which countries does Paddle charge sales tax or VAT for? When you contribute to AdBlock​ (which isn't a non-profit organization), you are supporting the ad blocking service we are already providing.  According to Paddle’s AUP, our ad blocking service falls within taxable parameters.



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