How do I manually update my filter lists?

The filter lists you are subscribed to are updated automatically on a schedule set by the list authors. AdBlock will try to fetch the updated files from the servers where they live as long as your browser is open and AdBlock is enabled and running. AdBlock will also try to fetch updates when you open your browser. 

If a web page suddenly isn't working or doesn't look right, it might be caused by a broken filter in a recent list update. If you're seeing ads, your filter lists might be out of date. In either case, making sure you have the most recent filter lists is a good first step in troubleshooting.

Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
  1. Click the AdBlock icon on your browser's toolbar. If you don't see the icon be sure to pin it: How to pin the AdBlock menu to your browser.
  2. Click on the gear icon.
  3. On the Filter Lists page, click update now.
  4. Wait for all the lists to update.
  5. Optional: Restart your computer or browser.
Safari (Mac) 

The content blockers update automatically in the AdBlock for Safari Mac app. Try quitting the app (AdBlock > Quit AdBlock) and Safari (Safari > Quit Safari) which will force an update.


Safari (iPhone/iPad)
  1. Open AdBlock and tap Update Filter Lists.
  2. Optional: Restart your device.
Samsung Internet (Android)
  1. Open the AdBlock app and tap Update subscriptions.
  2. Give the filter lists a few moments to update.
  3. Optional: Restart your device.


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