What do I do if a site forces me to disable AdBlock?

While using AdBlock, you may occasionally run into a website that requires you to disable your ad blocker before accessing the content.


The AdBlock desktop extension is simple to pause so that you can access the content you're looking for. If you use the AdBlock for Safari Mac app please see this article.

How to pause AdBlock
Click the AdBlock toolbar icon and select either Once or Always under "Pause on this site" on the pop-up menu.


If you select Once, AdBlock will automatically start blocking ads again when you leave the site. If you select Always the site will be added to your allowlist and will display ads every time you visit.


How to unpause AdBlock
If you change your mind later, click the AdBlock toolbar icon and select Unpause AdBlock.



What about mobile devices?

The suggestions in this article work on your computer. If you use AdBlock on a mobile device, you can pause AdBlock to stop blocking ads while you're on a site. If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can also allowlist sites.


Why do I still see the notification after pausing AdBlock?

If you continue to see the anti-adblock notification after pausing AdBlock, and you've already tried refreshing the page, there is likely something else preventing ads from showing.


Can't you just block the notifications?

While it's technically possible to block anti-adblock notifications, we have chosen not to do so. In some cases, it's even illegal. You can read more about our philosophy here: Why doesn't AdBlock block anti-adblock walls? 



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