Filter lists and automatic updates

If you have been checking the Filter Lists tab in AdBlock's options and see that a filter list is several days old, don't be alarmed. It usually means your browser wasn't open when AdBlock tried to fetch the latest version of the file from the server where it lives. AdBlock will try again the next time you start your browser. You can also manually update your filter lists at any time.

If you notice a filter list is always out of date, however, your computer may be having trouble fetching the file. First make sure your connection to the server that hosts the list is working and the file is available for downloading.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  1. Click the AdBlock icon in the browser toolbar and select Options.
  2. On the General tab, select I'm an advanced user.
  3. On the Filter Lists tab, at the bottom of the page, click Show links to the filter lists.
  4. Click the link next to the filter list that is not updating.
Safari (Mac)

Make sure the app is running. The window can be minimized, but the app must be running in the background for it to update your filter lists automatically. AdBlock will try to fetch updates as soon as you open the app.

Safari (iPhone/iPad)

Because of a limitation in Safari on iOS, filter lists only update automatically if you open the AdBlock app every day. Since AdBlock doesn't need to be open to block ads, most people won't open the app at all, let alone every day. That means your filter lists can easily go months without being updated. This isn't an issue as long as ads are continuing to be blocked. If you notice that ads are starting to appear when you browse in Safari, it's time to manually update your filter lists.

Samsung Internet (Android)

Updates for AdBlock for Samsung Internet are done every 24 hours when you are on Wi-Fi network and every 3 days when you are using cellular data.


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