Why doesn't AdBlock block anti-adblock walls?

It's frustrating to encounter a site that shuts out visitors who use an ad blocker. Next to "Why am I seeing an ad?" and "Do I have to pay for AdBlock?," the question we hear most often is, "Why doesn't AdBlock block anti-adblock walls?" Here's why we don't take a "scorched earth" approach to ad blocking: We want to be good citizens of the web.

There are problems with online ads, no doubt about it. They're getting better, thanks to ad blockers and the people who use them. Our mission is to empower our users. At the same time, ads often pay for the online content we all enjoy.

We support the right of users not to see ads they choose not to see. We also believe publishers should have the right to ask their users to allow ads or subscribe to access the content they create. Circumventing publishers' ability to ask and users' ability to choose serves neither party well. (There are also legal ramifications for doing so.) 

Keep in mind that AdBlock and anti-adblocking sites can live together in relative peace. Just give these suggestions a try: What do I do if a site forces me to disable AdBlock?

(Want to know more? See this explainer from Motherboard.)

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