How to avoid malware and adware

Avoid Sketchy Websites

The #1 way to avoid getting adware or other malware is to be careful about the websites you visit. For instance, sites that let you watch videos or play games for free or download free software are notorious sources of malware.


Watch Out for Suspicious Emails

Phishing emails, emails sent from unknown sources or pretending to appear to come from a known source, are a common tactic used to infect your computer with adware. If an email looks suspicious or is from an unknown source, don't click on embedded links or open any attached files.


Enable AdBlock Filter Lists

AdBlock includes a filter list called EasyPrivacy for an added layer of security. Find out more about AdBlock filter lists here: Introduction to Filter Lists.


Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Always use a reputable antivirus program. You can find reviews and recommendations for good antivirus programs using your favorite search engine. In addition, keep an anti-malware program installed to scan your computer when you think you might have picked up malware.


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