Why was I charged for AdBlock without my permission?

First, we assure you we did not get your credit card or PayPal account information by nefarious means. Second, we will never charge you without your consent. There are a few reasons an unfamiliar payment might appear on your credit card or PayPal account.

The most common reason is that you weren't even charged for our product. Every week we receive hundreds of refund requests for ad blocking products that aren't even ours. Before contacting us, please check that it says only "AdBlock", "getadblock.com", or "Adblock Inc." on your statement or receipt. If there's an email address or a website noted, please use it to ensure you are contacting the right company. If it doesn't say "getadblock.com" it's not our product.

If the charge is for AdBlock, please check if someone in the household paid for it without telling you. It might not even be intentional. Children with access to a computer where credit card or PayPal account credentials are saved in the browser frequently result in an accidental payment. 

If you confirmed that someone in your family did not pay for AdBlock, and you don't think it's a subscription or payment you made and just forgot about (many folks contact us and only remember later that they did intentionally pay), then it may be that your credit card or PayPal account has been compromised. Thieves often charge a small amount on a random website to test whether a stolen credit card number or PayPal username and password are valid. You can read more about this practice here: Cybercriminals Abuse Donation Sites for Card Testing. Let us know if you think this is the case so we can refund the payment and prevent any additional charges. We also recommend you contact your credit card company or change your PayPal account password as soon as possible. 

To request a refund for an unauthorized charge, email us at support@getadblock.com. Please include a copy of the receipt or a screenshot of the charge as it appears on your billing statement.

If the unauthorized charge was made via Apple, you will need to reach out to them directly for a refund.


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