I'm seeing ads again on Crunchyroll.com

We receive reports occasionally that ads appear on Crunchyroll.com again after being blocked for several months. This site has apparently started using a very aggressive form of ad-block circumvention technology that is extremely difficult to block.

If you are seeing ads, the best thing you can do is keep your filter lists up to date to make sure you get any new filter rules the list authors release. Please note, however, that there may be no way to block these ads now without also blocking the content you came to see.


I updated my filter lists, but I'm still seeing ads!

We always suggest updating your filter lists as a good first step in troubleshooting. However, if the filter lists don't include new filters to block ads on a particular site, then updating the filter lists will not change anything on that site. If you have updated your filter lists and you're still seeing the ads, then the list authors may have found that there is no way to block the ads on Crunchyroll.com without also blocking the videos.


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