Why doesn't AdBlock work as well on mobile devices?

If you're familiar with our desktop extensions, you know that AdBlock typically works well to block ads, pop-ups, and other annoying distractions in your browser. Using the magic of filter lists, AdBlock desktop browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are powerful tools that allow you to focus on the content you actually want to see.

We would like nothing more than to offer the same experience in our AdBlock for mobile apps. The truth is mobile OS ecosystems and browsers prevent us from offering you the same great experience. Many mobile browsers and OS providers limit ad blocking functionality in a variety of ways, some going so far as to exclude it entirely; the mobile Chrome browser, for instance, doesn't allow for ad blocking extensions at all  (trust us, we wish we could block ads in Chrome on our own mobile devices)! More recently, changes made to YouTube ad technology prevents us from blocking YouTube ads on mobile devices now too.

Even with these limitations, we are still able to block the most annoying ads and its still better with AdBlock than without. You may run into a few more unblocked ads than you're used to, but if you are seeing many unblocked ads on most sites you visit, try the steps here: Seeing unblocked ads? Start here! If you have questions or need our help, please reach out to our support team for assistance. We're always happy to help!

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