Can I use AdBlock and still allow ads on my favorite YouTube channels?

With AdBlock, you can easily allow ads on your favorite YouTube channels in Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

If you’re attempting to allow ads on your favorite YouTube channel and don’t see the option in your AdBlock menu, check out this article: I don't see an option to allow ads on a YouTube channel.

Unblock All Ads on YouTube
Unblocking all ads on YouTube is as easy as two clicks. While on, click the AdBlock toolbar icon. Under "Pause on this site" select Once to block ads temporarily on all YouTube Channels or Always to add to your allowlist (this will disable AdBlock every time you’re on YouTube and allow ads to play on all YouTube channels).



Allow Ads On Specific YouTube Channels
To allow ads on specific YouTube channels, follow these steps:

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select the gear icon to open the Options page.
  2. On the General Options tab, select Allow ads on specific YouTube channels. (Not seeing this?)
  3. Restart your browser or refresh the current page.
  4. Visit a video in the YouTube channel you want to allowlist.
  5. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Allow ads on this channel. (Not seeing this?)
If you change your mind, you can remove a YouTube channel any time. Just visit the channel page, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, and select Enable AdBlock on this page.


Allow Ads On Subscribed YouTube Channels

First, make sure you’ve already enabled YouTube channel allowlisting by following the steps listed above. Next, toggle the switch labeled “Manage AdBlock settings from my YouTube subscriptions page” to on (it will turn blue). The switch can be found just below the option to “Allow ads on specific YouTube channels.”

Now you can add and remove channels from your AdBlock allowlist right from your YouTube subscriptions page. From this page, click the AdBlock Assistant icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select “Allow Ads On All” to allow ads on all of your subscribed channels. 

If you change your mind, you can resume normal ad blocking by selecting “Block Ads On All,” or you can remove channels individually from the YouTube subscriptions page or by clicking “Block ads on this channel” from any video posted by the channel you’d like to remove.



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