How can I block in-page pop-ups?

You can use AdBlock for more than just blocking ads. In-page pop-ups, or the "Subscribe to our newsletter!"-style pop-ups that overlay a web page when you visit a site, are not blocked by default. EasyList, the primary filter list we use to determine what to block, considers these legitimate self-promotion rather than third-party ads.

If you would rather not see these, however, turn on the Fanboy's Annoyances filter list in AdBlock's options. Fanboy's Annoyance blocks in-page pop-ups, social media content, and other annoying features on web pages.

  1. Click the AdBlock icon in your browser toolbar and click on the gear symbol.
  2. On the Filter Lists tab, select the check box next to the Fanboy's Annoyances filter list.

Prefer a video tutorial? Check out our YouTube channel.

If you're seeing a pop-up like this with the Fanboy's Annoyances list enabled, please report it to the list maintainers. You can find the contact info in our Knowledge Base.


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