I keep seeing your payment page or AdBlock keeps losing my settings in Microsoft Edge

You should only see our payment page when you install AdBlock. If you are seeing it every time you open Microsoft Edge, or if AdBlock's options are changed back to the default settings every time you open Edge, it means something is wrong. Something is returning AdBlock to its default, "just-installed" state every time you close Edge. Here are the most common reasons this can happen.

There was a problem initializing AdBlock after an update

If Microsoft Edge encounters a problem updating AdBlock, it will reset AdBlock to its default state and may not tell you first. Uninstalling and reinstalling AdBlock should set things right again. Remember to copy any custom filters to a text file for safekeeping before you uninstall AdBlock. You'll need to add them again after AdBlock is installed.

You're using a cookie, disk, or file cleaning program such as Ccleaner

Some system applications and browser extensions are designed to delete some of your browsing data when you close your browser. Ccleaner is one of the more well-known of these, but there are others. You may be using one that is deleting data that AdBlock needs to "remember" its settings between browsing sessions.

Make sure to tell the software not to remove "localStorage" files, because that's where AdBlock's settings are stored. For more information about which folder to exclude and how to exclude it, please consult the documentation for the software you're using.

You're subscribed to too many filter lists

Note: The following suggestion applies only if you're using Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Microsoft Edge 14. All releases of AdBlock for Microsoft Edge that run in Microsoft Edge 15 or later have unlimited storage space for filter lists and custom filters.

In versions of Windows 10 before the Creators Update in May 2017, Microsoft limited the amount of memory available for Edge extensions to store their settings. Each filter list you subscribe to and every custom filter you add takes up some of that space. If you have too many, AdBlock will run out of storage space and be forced to discard whatever doesn't fit.

We recommend subscribing to no more than three or four filter lists. (Wondering which filter lists you really need?) We also suggest that you not enable AdBlock's advanced mode if you don't need advanced options, since that uses more storage space than basic mode.

A Windows Update might have broken Microsoft Edge

If the suggestions above either don't help or don't apply to you, it probably means that Microsoft Edge itself has become corrupted. This often happens after a Windows Update. Microsoft is aware of the issue.

If you haven't already tried reinstalling AdBlock, do that now. As noted above, our payment page will open. If you don't want to pay for AdBlock at this time, just close the page.

If that doesn't fix the problem, try these Microsoft Edge troubleshooting steps.

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