Gold Upgrade for the AdBlock for Safari Mac App

Because AdBlock for Safari is distributed through the App Store, we can no longer ask for donations on a post-installation page, as we have always done with our other extensions and apps. For our Mac app only, we are using an in-app purchase model for some advanced features that are more difficult to develop and maintain. If you prefer not to use the paid features, not to worry; AdBlock still blocks the majority of ads you see on most websites.

The Gold upgrade is a one-time payment associated with your Apple ID and is not available as a recurring subscription.

Gold features include:

  • Advanced ad blocking (access to anti-circumvention ad blocking)
  • Easily allow ads on your favorite sites via the AdBlock icon on the Safari toolbar
  • VIP support (make sure to note in your ticket submission that you have the Gold upgrade)

How to upgrade or redeem an upgrade if you've already paid

There are multiple ways to access the upgrade option:

  1. Click the AdBlock icon on the Safari toolbar, then click UPGRADE in the dropdown menu. OR Click on the AdBlock icon in the Applications folder. 
  2. Each of these options will take you to the AdBlock settings window. Click on the Upgrade tab, then click on the yellow Upgrade Now button.
  • If you are purchasing a subscription for the first time: Enter your Apple ID, click on Buy and then confirm your in-app purchase by clicking on Buy again.
  • If you have previously purchased the upgrade: Select Click here below the "Upgrade Now" button in the settings window (see screenshot). Enter the same Apple ID you previously used to purchase the upgrade. The app should immediately recognize the purchase by displaying the purchase date and time on the upgrade screen.

How to receive a refund on the Gold upgrade

If you pay for the Gold upgrade and decide you’d rather not have it, only Apple can refund your payment. Because payments for the Mac app now go through the App Store, we have no way to refund them ourselves. The following Apple Support article provides instructions for how to request a refund directly from Apple: Request a refund for an App Store or iTunes Store purchase.

Applying the Gold upgrade to other extensions

Because the Gold upgrade is handled via Apple, we are unable to transfer a purchase to any of our other extensions. Likewise, if you upgrade to receive the Premium features on the desktop extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), the upgrade can not be transferred to the Mac app; you will need to upgrade the AdBlock for Safari app separately to receive the Gold upgrade.

Premium features are not available on the Mac app so it is not possible to sync between Safari and the desktop extensions that support the Premium features.

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