AdBlock and cryptocurrency miners

Cryptocurrency mining, sometimes referred to as cryptojacking, is the process of using your computer’s processing power to solve complex mathematical equations to earn digital cash. The "crypto" in cryptomining is short for cryptography, which refers to the code that needs to be solved to earn digital currency. Once the problem is solved, it is added to a public list of transactions called the blockchain. In exchange for doing this, people are rewarded with cryptocurrency- hence the term cryptocurrency mining.

The Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Mining Protection List is one of the AdBlock filter lists that is enabled automatically when you install AdBlock. You can disable it on the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options.

One cryptocurrency mining company,, takes a different approach. Authedmine requires visitors to explicitly opt in to mining for cryptocurrency to support the site running its scripts. Approval expires automatically in 24 hours, giving visitors the choice to opt in again.

Many people don't mind donating their computer's resources if they're asked. However, the Cryptocurrency Mining Protection List blocks all miners. There is a way to allow Authedmine's scripts to run while continuing to block the bad guys, and that's by adding an exception rule for Authedmine. (Exception, or allowlist, rules, always override blocking, or blocklist, rules.)


Allowlist Authedmin in AdBlock

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select the gear icon
  2. On the CUSTOMIZE tab, click Edit to open the custom filters box
  3. Paste the rules below exactly as they appear here, on two lines:
  4. Click Save


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