About Custom Image Swap

Custom Image Swap is a feature of AdBlock Premium. When Custom Image Swap is enabled, AdBlock will replace some of the ads it blocks with images from your collection. We will replace no more than two ads on a page, and we will continue to block all other ads as we do normally. We will only add images to a page when we find the perfect fit, so you may not see images on every page you visit. You must pause or disable any other ad blockers while using Image Swap.

Supported File Types

Currently, Custom Image Swap supports the following image files:


Image Storage and Privacy

You may store up to 9 images to be used in Custom Image Swap. All of your image files are stored locally and do do not reach our servers. This means we don't keep or store copies of your images anywhere on our servers, so no one but you (or someone with access to your computer) can access the images you've stored in Custom Image Swap. 


Not Seeing Images

AdBlock will only use 2 images per page, and will only swap ads for images when there is a perfectly sized match. Not every page has an ad size that correlates to your image sizes, so many pages won't have any replacements at all. Additionally, if you are using any of our Image Swap collections simultaneously (cats, dogs, or landscapes), you'll see your custom images even less frequently.


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