Solutions to common issues unlocking Premium

Error Messages

In some cases you may encounter an error message during the upgrade process or when unlocking the Premium upgrade. Below are errors you may see and how to address them.

Oops! There was a problem activating your extension.

If you are seeing an error that there was a problem activating the extension immediately after paying for the upgrade, please reinstall AdBlock and then try enabling the upgrade using the steps here: Unlock AdBlock Premium.

Be sure you are using the AdBlock desktop extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. The Premium upgrade is not supported on mobile devices or in other browsers.

Oops! That code is incorrect.
If you see an error message that the code is incorrect while enabling Premium, this is typically due to an old or invalid code being entered. Please delete all previous AdBlock emails containing codes from your email inbox, close any other open AdBlock tabs in your browser, and try enabling the upgrade again: Unlock AdBlock Premium.


The Code Never Arrives

If the emailed code for your purchase never arrives in your email inbox, here are a few common things to check for:

  1. Is the email going to your spam/junk folder? The vast majority of folks that contact us are able to find the email in a different folder.
  2. Did you pay for AdBlock Premium or Adblock Plus Premium? Although we've teamed up with Adblock Plus (ABP), we are two separate products with two independent Premium upgrade options. AdBlock's logo is a red stop sign with a white hand. Adblock Plus has a logo with a red stop sign and "ABP" in white letters. If you paid for ABP, check out ABP's Help Center.
    Adblock.jpeg abp.jpeg
    AdBlock Adblock Plus
  3. Along those same lines, are you using the AdBlock extension or the Adblock Plus extension? You won't receive a code if you paid for AdBlock but request a code in the Adblock Plus extension (and vice versa): Making sure AdBlock is installed.
  4. Is the email you are entering the same email on your receipt? We won't send a code if the email is not associated with an AdBlock purchase. If you didn't receive an emailed receipt, you may have entered your email with a typo. Use the steps below to contact us and we can help.

Before rating this article, if you still need help upgrading, please contact us so we can help: Submit a ticket. Providing detailed information like screenshots, proof of purchase, and the steps you've already tried, will help us rule out the issues above and expedite your request.

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